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Taking the time to slow down and look for a therapist is not always an easy task. So for  taking that first step, we applaud you and the courage that lays behind the desire to ask  for help. It takes a village to become who we are meant to be, but ultimately, the change  starts with you.

Therapy is great when you are struggling with anxiety or depression, have unresolved  relational issues, past trauma that has begun affecting your normal routine, or an  intimate relationship that is going through a difficult time. It also helps when you need  to work through family problems with parenting, extended family or grief and loss. 

These are all a part of being human and being in relationship, and it’s OK to ask for help  in the midst of them. We would love to come alongside you in whatever season of life  you are in. Our goal at Kineo is not to see through you, but to see you through some of  life’s more difficult seasons. 

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Jeff Skeens

Jeff brings over 25 years of experience of helping people. He holds a Masters of Divinity in Leadership Development and Urban Studies, and a Masters of Science in Marital and Family Therapy. This type of systems training in therapy has prepared Jeff to be able to not only meet with individuals, but also to work with families, couples, and business owners and organizations. Jeff’s training enables him to observe various types of systems, and observe where certain breakdowns or stressors have started to hurt relationships, and enables him to help people and organizations who feel stuck.

Jeff has been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for healing from various types of traumatic experiences. He also has training in Restoration Therapy for couples and other intimate relationships, an approach that helps couples identify negative interaction cycles and allows them to create new ways to interact that bring peace within the relationship. Jeff also utilizes somatic experiencing interventions to help integrate the brain-body connection as well as Internal Family Systems to help his clients get to know themselves and their stories more intimately, so they can move out of shame and find pleasure in themselves and within their relationships again.

Jeff has lived in Phoenix since 1991 and has been married to his wife since 1999. Together they have four children between the ages of 19 and 13.

Jordan Francis

Jordan Francis has been in the space of helping people for the past 13 years. Originally from Birmingham, England. Jordan came to America to play soccer in college giving him unique perspective on the mental challenges that come in athletics and business.

With a Masters in Marriage and Family therapy, he has spent the last few years helping teens, young adults, and couples find their path to a healthier life.

Before settling into his current role as a therapist, Jordan spent over a decade engaged in youth work in varying capacities. He excels at engaging youth taking into account the complexities of technology and relationships.

Jordan uses Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Restoration Therapy, and DBT to aid clients in making progress towards the goals they set.

Since 2016 Jordan has lived in Phoenix Arizona with his wife of 9 years and his three children