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KAP (Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy)

At Kineo, we offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to treat many different treatment resistance issues that show up in many of our lives. These can be done individually or in a group format. 

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that has gained attention for its potential to rapidly alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, especially in cases where traditional treatments have been ineffective. While the exact mechanisms are not fully understood, several theories exist:

  • Glutamate Modulation: Ketamine works on the glutamate neurotransmitter system, which is involved in learning, memory, and mood regulation. By affecting glutamate receptors, ketamine may lead to increased synaptic connections and plasticity, potentially reversing the negative effects of chronic stress and depression.
  • Neuroplasticity: Ketamine’s impact on glutamate receptors and other neural pathways could promote neuroplasticity, allowing the brain to form new connections and pathways that are associated with healthier mood regulation.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Some research suggests that depression and anxiety might be linked to inflammation in the brain. Ketamine’s anti-inflammatory properties could contribute to its therapeutic effects.
  • Rapid Onset: Unlike traditional antidepressants that can take weeks to show effects, ketamine often produces noticeable improvements in mood within hours or days. This rapid onset can provide relief to those in acute distress.
  • Resetting Neural Circuits: Ketamine might help “reset” dysfunctional neural circuits involved in mood disorders. This could potentially interrupt negative thought patterns and emotional responses.

It’s important to note that while ketamine shows promise, it’s not a cure-all, and its long-term effects and safety are still being studied. Ketamine treatment for depression, anxiety, personal development, and a myriad of mental health issues. If you or someone you know is considering ketamine treatment, please reach out to us and we’d love to answer any questions. 

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