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Jeff Skeens has been public speaking for over 20 years. With a background as an entrepreneur, wellness coach and licensed
therapist, he is uniquely equipped to motivate, encourage and train teams, leaders and organizations to help create clear and compassionate communication, address relational conflict in the workplace and in personal lives, teach you ways to increase your emotional IQ, and many other topics that arise in business and relationships.

Jeff’s burning passion is to help influential leaders and organizations reproduce not just bigger profit margins, but healthier relationships and healthier workplaces, which directly affects the overall health of companies and individuals. Life’s too short to be miserable and stressed at work!

Jeff has a natural speaking style that is funny, engaging, and personal, and interacts with the group or audience often. No matter how big the audience is, Jeff sees himself as if he’s sitting on the front porch talking to you over a cup of coffee. Jeff draws wisdom not just from his professional training, but also from his 23 years of marriage, two decades of parenting, and all the wonderful and difficult life lessons that came along the way.

When Jeff isn’t speaking, he can be found running his therapy and coaching business, The Kineo Center, working out in his backyard, traveling, enjoying the outdoors and ice plunges, and spending time with his family (wife, circa 1999 and four kids) friends, and pets.

To inquire of Jeff’s services, email him at [email protected].

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