Meet Amy

Amy brings a wealth of knowledge as a wellness coach with the title “Integrative Doula.” She has an undergraduate degree in Family Studies and Child Development and a Masters of Science degree in Marital and Family Therapy. She is also a trained as a birth doula through DONA International.

Amy has over 25 years of experience in integrating art, nature, gardening, body movement and animals in helping people slow down, ground themselves, and learn new ways to cope with stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions. With a background as a licensed therapist, Amy has specialized training in Restoration Therapy which helps couples identify unhealthy interaction cycles and regain a sense of trust and safety within a relationship. She is also trained in Internal Family Systems, a modality that gives a voice to all parts of self, to help create emotional wholeness and healing.

Amy has lived in Phoenix since she was 1 month old, and has been married to her husband Jeff since 1999. Together they have four children, 2 boys and 2 girls.