Our Mission

We are a community of professionals bringing holistic wellness to individuals, couples, families, leaders and organizations, from the wealthiest to the poorest, while making wellness and healing accessible and affordable.  

Core Values

Honesty and Vulnerability

Most relationships fall apart because there has been broken trust or a lack of intimacy, being known. Wellness requires of us to be vulnerable so that we can be known and so that we can be honest about who we are (for better or worse).

Success and Failure

No person can uphold the constant pressure of always being successful. We must allow space to fail, and to learn from our failings. We must also learn to fail well by having grace on ourselves and others around us. This will make more room for connection, safety, growth.

Holistic Health

Being well is more than just going to therapy, working out, or various forms of self care. This kind of wellness sees the human as many parts of a whole, and being able to care for the body, the mind and the soul are essential for our overall health.

Our Name

We believe it is vital for any organization to be intimately connected to the “Why” of  what you do. The word Kineo is connected to a very deep and passionate call to fully  live. So here’s a little background about Kineo and it’s ethos: 


It’s origin is Greek. Literally, it means “to move”, “to put into motion”, “to cause a  disturbance.” Think kinesiology (the study of movement). The story behind this ancient  word is one of a mother eagle coming up to her nest full of young fledglings who are ready to fly, but need a little help getting out of the nest. So the mother eagle will take her beak and rustle and shake the nest to “cause a disturbance.” She does this so that the young eaglets, who are vulnerable and at risk if they don’t learn how to fly, may eventually take flight and live. Movement. It’s vital to life, but may look different from person to person and story to story.  


It’s a call to move, to listen, to see, to know, to stand, to hold, to fly. For ourselves first, and then for those we love and serve, so that we are not only successful in the physical sense, but also relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.  


It’s within this idea, this ethos, that The Kineo Center was birthed. The Kineo Center is seeing this ethos penetrate individuals, families, relationships and organizations. Kineo is a movement with no real form, and is already happening regardless of what The Kineo Center does. It’s a movement that “moves” people to begin alternative ways of being fully alive in the midst of a culture that lulls us to sleep with routine, limited  views of success, fake food, distractions galore, and messages filled with false identity. 


It’s time we learn to embody ourselves and stop living for other people’s desires of who we are supposed to be. It’s time we regain hope and start experiencing beauty on the daily, as we learn how to rest and play again. This is a new/old way to be human.