Our Services


Taking the time to slow down and look for a therapist is not always an easy task. So for  taking that first step, we applaud you and the courage that lays behind the desire to ask  for help. It takes a village to become who we are meant to be, but ultimately, the change  starts with you.

Therapy is great when you are struggling with anxiety or depression, have unresolved  relational issues, past trauma that has begun affecting your normal routine, or an  intimate relationship that is going through a difficult time. It also helps when you need  to work through family problems with parenting, extended family or grief and loss. 

These are all a part of being human and being in relationship, and it’s OK to ask for help  in the midst of them. We would love to come alongside you in whatever season of life  you are in. Our goal at Kineo is not to see through you, but to see you through some of  life’s more difficult seasons. 

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